Sex Monsoon movie - written by Anna Maganini - was a semi finalist in the 2015 Bluecat Screenwriting Competition - it was one of the top 80 out of almost 5000 screenplays.  If you love the smart nerd humor of Judd Apatow movies - as in Amy Schumer's Trainwreck - or The 40 Year Old Virgin - you will love this most wacked out of indie romantic comedies - this cream of the crop of twisted rom coms - this most dorked out of nerd comedies.  The majority of rom coms are so predictable, but this is the rubik's cube of warped rom coms  - the Mother of all twisted rom coms . There's even a little sex involved, though never consummated. Hey, what do you expect from one of the great twisted rom coms? It's TWISTED - in every way! But you won't care because you'll be laughing so hard, you'd better wear diapers! Did I mention it also has a lot of heart? Funny from every angle - a horny awkward librarian suffers all kinds of sexual short circuits as she tries to get the guy.  Bring the funny to life. Fund one of the best comedy movies to happen to Hollywood movies . Plus you're a kind generous artistic soul who supports artists and women filmmakers.  Right? It beats being a Rumpelstiltskin curmudgeon who eats his (her) fingernails for supper (!)  I will keep you updated on the journey in my blog below as we go.  It will be full of shits and giggles.  Support the nerdiest best comedy movies.  Please also subscribe below to stay updated!

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